The core elements of a regional wine

In order to encourage the production of wines that are truly reflective of the Swartland, we have drawn up a basic list of conditions that must be met before a wine can bear the Swartland Independent logo. These conditions are subject to continuous scrutiny and discussion by the members.

  1. An Independent wine must be grown entirely in the Swartland and carry “Wine of Origin Swartland” on its label.
  2. It must also be vinified, matured and bottled in the Swartland.
  3. An Independent producer will bottle at least 80% of his wine production under his own labels.
  4. One of our core values is that the wines carrying our logo must be naturally produced. By this we understand a minimum of manipulation in both vineyard and cellar; so that a Swartland Independent wine:
    • has no inoculated yeast, or added yeast supplement
    • will not be acidified
    • has no added tannin
    • will not be chemically fined
    • will not undergo any tehnological process (reverse osmosis) which will alter the constitution of the wine
  5. Certain varieties have shown themselves to be particularly suited to expressing Swartland conditions. A Swartland Independent wine must consist only the following grape varieties:
    • Red wine: Syrah/shiraz, Mourvèdre, Grenache noir, Carignan, Cinsaut, Tinta Barocca, Pinotage
    • White wine: Chenin blanc, Grenache blanc, Marsanne, Roussanne, Viognier, Clairette blanche, Palomino (Fransdruif/Vaalblaar), Sémillon (Groendruif), Muscat Alexandrie, Muscat d’Frontignan, Colombard and Verdelho.

This list of grapes will be reviewed every few years, especially as a result of new varieties being planted in the region and an assessment of their ability to express Swartland terroir

6. Because heavy oaking can “mask” the essence of the grape, no Swartland Independent wine may be aged with more than 25% kept in new wood as a component. All wood needs to be of European origin.

7. All wines of the Independent must be bottled in a “Burgundy shape” bottles.

Every wine that has been certified and checked to meet these conditions may be packaged with the seal on the capsule and the certification label of the Swartland Independent. Sporadic unannounced checks will be done in cellars of samples of must and wine, as well as of bottled wine.



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